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Halting Health-Club Towel Theft
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Valuable information to help you plan your RFID
deployment and determine the potential ROI:

Health Clubs Halt Towel Loss With RFID
EECC Study Finds Intelligence in UHF RFID
Smartrac Releases New Inlays, Including Retail's Smallest
RFID Certification Training to Be Featured at LIVE! Europe 2018
New On-Metal UHF Tag Measures Just 5 Millimeters in Length
RFID Helps Resort Digitize and Manage Its Wine Collection
New Insight SiP BLE Module Based on Nordic Semiconductor SoC
Chinese Startup Develops Anti-counterfeiting RFID Chip

RFID technology is being deployed at large and midsize companies to improve efficiencies, enhance visibility, reduce shrinkage and achieve other significant business benefits. This one-day event (with a day of training prior to the event) is designed to help companies considering using RFID technology to address real business challenges, determine the best RFID technology for their needs, learn best practices from early adopters, find the right technology partners and move forward with adoption.
Register now—the event will take place on Nov. 7
at the etc. venues County Hall in London, England.

Editor's Note

Change Is Hard
By Mark Roberti
That's one key reason companies have not taken advantage of RFID technology to nearly the extent possible.
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Expert View

The Factors Pushing Edge to the Forefront
By John Fryer
What is causing edge computing's shift to the mainstream?
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Premium Content

Sporting Goods Retailer Boosts E-Commerce

An RFID solution from Lyngsoe Systems and Consignor enables XXL to automatically detect if an e-commerce "pick up at store" order parcel is being shipped to the wrong location, thereby preventing errors before they can happen; the system can identify when goods reach a store, then send a text message or email to the consumer.
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Ask the Experts Forum

Can RFID Track Rubber Manufacturing?
Question: "I would like to stick RFID tags on uncooked rubber. However, I do not want the labels to come off after the rubber is cooked in the autoclave and washed. Is this possible? What would be your recommendations?"
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White Paper

Selecting a Manufacturing Execution System
for a Smart Factory

Manufacturing execution systems are a key application for smart factories. Many companies opt for a home-grown system so they can map custom business process steps, but there has been a strong adoption of packaged MES technologies. SunPower's Nikhil Padhi outlines several key elements to consider whle selecting an appropriate MES.
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RFID in Aerospace and Defense is aimed at helping companies in these sectors to comply with customer requirements and use RFID technology internally to achieve significant benefits. Case studies will be presented by aerospace and defense companies already using RFID.
Register now—the event will take place on Dec. 12
at the Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City in Arlington, Va.


Creating Business Value by Enabling the
Internet of Things

RFID and RF sensors are one way in which companies can link assets, products, inventories and environments to the internet. This video explains how RFID technologies are being added to products to enhance their functionality by connecting them to the internet, and how RFID and sensors are being employed to make environments smarter and more responsive.
Watch the Video
Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
Duration: 32 minutes | Published: July 25, 2018
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Top News

Health Clubs Halt Towel Loss With RFID

Russian fitness centers have reduced the number of lost towels from 150 per month down to only five or 10 in three months, thanks to an RFID-based solution from ISBC Group.
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EECC Study Finds Intelligence in UHF RFID

The organization's latest "UHF RFID Transponder Benchmark" survey found that this year's chips and tags are 20 percent more sensitive than previous versions, on average, and that many are capable of controlling their communications as a precursor to more intelligence-based use cases.
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Smartrac Releases New Inlays, Including
Retail's Smallest

The company's new MiniWeb and DogBone inlays, made with NXP's UCODE 8 ICs, will bring improved performance, faster encoding and higher sensitivity than predecessor UHF inlays, for use in retail and industrial applications.
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Fast-Track RFID Certification Training to Be
Featured at RFID Journal LIVE! Europe 2018

RFID4U will offer intensive, one-day RFID certification training at RFID Journal's 14th annual European conference, to be held in London on Nov. 7 (with a day of training on Nov. 6).
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New On-Metal UHF Tag Measures Just 5
Millimeters in Length

Aerospace and health-care solution providers are testing Kyocera's ceramic tags on tools to track their movement during surgical procedures or assembly processes.
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RFID Helps Resort Digitize and Manage Its
Wine Collection

The Tokyo Baycourt Club is tracking thousands of bottles of wine, served in multiple restaurants and guest services, via a UHF RFID system from SATO Material Co.
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Insight SiP Intros BLE Module Based on
Nordic Semiconductor System-On-Chip

The provider of miniature RF modules has launched its ISP1507-AL module, which features Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Based on Nordic Semiconductor's nRF52 system-on-chip, this module offers wireless connectivity with an embedded antenna, an integrated DC-DC converter, and both radio and synchronization crystals.
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Chinese Startup Develops Anti-counterfeiting

Sichuan Ident Industrial's new anti-counterfeiting verification system is designed to improve traceability security.
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