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Foschini Group's 1,000-Store RFID Rollout

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Retailer Rolls Out RFID Across 1,000 Stores This Year
RFID Brings Gains to Small Apparel Brand
Fashion Retailer Leverages Virtual RFID Shielding
Exhibit Shop Sells Fashion, Cosmetics With RFID
Brazilian Retailer Manages Merchandise Movement

Editor's Note

Smart Packaging: A New Link Between
Manufacturers and Consumers

By Edson Perin
Inventory control, authenticity, security and the customer experience, with or without RFID, are just part of what the Internet of Packaging has already begun to provide.
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Expert View

The Intersection of IoT and Smart Business
By Linda Rhodes and Charles King III
How can companies utilize Internet of Things solutions while avoiding the pitfalls associated with such technologies?
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RFID to Cut Food Waste in the Supply Chain
Ocean Mist and Costco are among the companies using an active RFID-based Internet of Things solution from Zest Labs to automatically collect the time and location of goods.
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Ask the Experts Forum

Where Can I Find a List of RFID Solution Providers?
Question: "Is there a section on your website where we could contact equipment manufacturers or integrators for special projects?"
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Shielding Makes RFID Inventory Systems
More Effective

Avery Dennison ShieldSense™ RFID Blocking Material prevents RFID wave transmissions from penetrating walls and doors. This improves inventory data accuracy and maximizes system effectiveness.
Learn how today.
Retailer Rolls Out RFID Across 1,000 Stores This Year
The Foschini Group has committed to deploying RFID technology across its brands throughout South Africa and beyond, beginning with its Markham menswear brand, in order to bring inventory accuracy above 95 percent.
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RFID Brings Gains to Small Apparel Brand
Southern Fried Cotton, which opted to leverage a technology more commonly deployed by big companies, has brought its customer chargeback rate down by 98.8 percent, increased its warehouse efficiency and achieved an ROI within less than a year.
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Fashion Retailer Leverages Virtual Shielding
to Overcome Stray RFID Reads

Superdry has launched a solution from Nedap that employs the technology company's virtual shielding to prevent spill-over tag reads that had been affecting read accuracy in the retailer's previous solution.
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Exhibit Shop Sells Fashion, Cosmetics With RFID
ICC's His & Hers recently launched its first unmanned store at Bitec's Saha Group Fair, in Bangkok, using RFID technology to identify goods being purchased, as well as AI to link each purchase with a specific shopper via facial recognition.
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Brazilian Retailer Manages Merchandise Movement
RFID allows the managers of Lojao do Bras to monitor merchandise movements and make quick business decisions.
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Nov. 13, 2019 • London, England

RFID technology is now being deployed at large and midsize companies to improve efficiencies, enhance visibility, reduce shrinkage and achieve other significant business benefits. This one-day event (with a day of training prior to the event) is designed to help companies considering using RFID to address real business challenges, determine the best RFID technology for their needs, learn best practices from early adopters, find the right technology partners and move forward.
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Why Retailers Are Adopting Item-level RFID
A growing number of retailers have achieved a significant ROI from item-level RFID throughout their business, resulting in an improved customer experience. This video outlines how these companies are using RFID to evolve and revolutionize their daily operations.
Watch the Video
Speaker: Daniel Canales, Pre-Sales Engineering Consultant, SML RFID
Duration: 15 minutes | Published: July 3, 2019
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     Nov. 13, 2019 • London, England
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